French manufacturer of sports equipment

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MARTY SPORTS is a French well-established family-owned enterprise that designs, manufactures, supplies and installs sport equipment for team sports and athletics.

MARTY SPORTS is a French company specialized in the DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, MARKETING and INSTALLATION of sports equipment and accessories intended primarily for regional and local authorities.

A 100% family business, it was created in October 1979 by Raymond and Jeanne MARTINEZ to exploit innovations in the world of athletics, designed by Raymond Martinez who was technical executive to the French Athletics Federation. Their twin sons Laurent and Stephane who took over in 1986 quickly added skills to develop diverse equipment for Team Sports and Sports Halls.

We supply schools, colleges, sport clubs and local authorities. Our products are internationally known for their quality and are certified up to standards by specified organisations, such as the WA (WORLD ATHLETICS).

They comply with different European regulations /norms, as well as with « Code du Sport 2007 ».
They are also being tested by the independent laboratories such as SCMS and LABOSPORT, and by the company’s own laboratory.
We are member of F.I.F.A.S. (Fédération Française des Industries Sport&Loisirs).

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