Mécène et Loire Foundation

11 December 2018

MARTY Sports is a founding member of the Mecene et Loire Foundation since it was created in 2007. Over a period of 10 years, more the € 1.5 million has been distributed by the Foundation to nearly 200 projects. A corporate foundation having a limited life of 5 years, we are pleased to announce that MECENE et LOIRE n°3 has been relaunched for another 5 years and that MARTY Sports will once again be part of 21 other companies in Maine et Loire. The MECENAT COLLECTIF practiced by MECENE ET LOIRE will once again allow its member companies to invest effectively on their territory thanks to an annual budget of 160 000 €.


Others news

14 March 2019

New MARTY Sports seats for SERVETTE de GENEVE football team .



28 December 2018


MARTY Sports has been entrusted with the supply, installation and maintenance during the ALL STAR GAME 2018

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