3×3 basketball goal-mobile
Ref. B3300

6143,56  HT

Mobile with integrated counter weights without anchoring (to be tested at each assembly)
Projection 2m25 – Circle height 3m05
– Metacrylate panel 1m80 x 1m05 x 15mm mounted on a peripheral metal frame with direct ring take-up
– Retractable ring at 105kg ref B3179
– Galvanized steel metal frame with goal mounted on 2 hinges for easy assembly by means of a manual reel.
– Heavy base width 1m20 – Depth 2m20 — With independent ballast of 640kg, dimensions 1m18 x 0m60 x Ht 0m40 to be embedded from the rear and manoeuvrable with a pallet jack.
– Front base mounted on 2 large fixed wheels for displacement, retractable for use by 2 height adjustable feet.
– With bottom protection of panel ref B3167 to be screwed of 1m80 with 2 returns of 0m40.
– Front Foam padding- thickness 5cm of 2m30 x 1m30 + 2 returns of 1m90 x 1m50
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