Folding wall tribune- standard module 2m00- 3 ranks
Ref. S2023

3833,10  HT

Securing- 6 points of fixing on the wall per module (500N/fixation)
• Manual installation- fast and easy by only one person
• Steel structure- 30 x 30mm
• Seating and risers in 18mm nonskid plywood. Stand risers in ply wood birch tree- lacquered- thickness 9mm
• High quality Hydraulic spindle
• Blocking system with a key; only authorized persons can handle the tribunes
• Anti-punching system
• Depth- upfolded- 1867 mm
• Depth- folded- 228 mm
• Height upfolded without guardrails- 2060 mm
• Height of the seat of the last rank- 1237 mm
• Total weight approx. 150 kg

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