Double entries pv pit twinny 2 modular
Ref. A2217

15082,66  HT

Dimensions : 9m85 x 5m00 x 0m80
Landing pit of 5m00 x 5m00 + 4 IAAF fronts of 2m00 (distance between pole vault boxes is 5m85)
DOUBLE ENTRIES MODULAR POLE VAULT PIT : all foam blocks are individually covered and linked by buckles and Velcro strips. The whole thing is covered by a red 10cm thickness double sides antispikes top cover mats.
This type of mat is recommended when frequently dismantled.
New alveolar foam, shock absorber made of different thickness, shape and density foam.
Foam especially designed for the landing to be comfortable and safe.
6 sides 1000 deniers PVC canvas cover of heavy quality colour GREY, with a RED antispikes cover as well as BLUE antispikes
sides. Assembled by a zip
With handles for moving.

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