Wa hammer and discus cage version 2021
Ref. A2430B

14180,74  HT

Composed of 10 posts and front doors made of 90mm section Galvanised steel
• 10 ground sockets to embed, 4 of which are double
• 10 equipped of halyards to lift up the net
– 6 posts of 7m40
– 4 posts of 10m20
• 4 strengtheners for posts of 10m20
• 11 adjustable fasteners in between posts
• 2 mobile front doors 2m00 x 10m20 with Patented
articulated device.
• GREEN polypropylene netting of 5mm mesh 40mm – resistant to 330kg – One piece netting.
• set of 7pcs adjustable spacers
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