3×3 high competition basketball goal
Ref. B33FIBA

15561,00  HT

FIBA 3X3 World Tour and 3X3 World Championship official goal.
Recommended by FIBA for the high level 3X3 competitions.
Mobile with projection 2m25. FREESTANDING with integrated counterweights.
Perfectly in conformity with the decree n°2016-481 dated 18 April 2016.
•Easy installation with big compensatory springs.
•Tempered glass backboard thickness 12mm of 1m80 x 1m05 on strengthened metallic frame, including a ring plate encrusted in the backboard cut avoiding any overweight of the backboard.
•Equipped with 4 pivoting wheels double at the front and 2×3 fixed at the rear
•Automatic locking of the folded goal
•The front padding with cutting to integrate a 12 second clock (option). A cushion to fill in the cutting for use without the 12 second clock is included
The unit.

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