Junior foldable goal fixed projection 2m50
Ref. F8112

2048,78  HT

FRONT face in SPECIFIC STRENGHTENED aluminium diameter 90mm
WHITE powdered with groove for fixation of new PVC net hooks. MONOBLOCK with 2 welded angle returns.
New rear cages.
Galvanized metallic round sections.
(natural finishing – paint in option)
MONOBLOCK for a best resistance and lifetime.
The rear cages pivot on mats TO SEAL at the rear.
The nets are maintained in high position by the pivots serving also of net holder post like on the senior goals, allowing the use of traditional nets
IMPORTANT: The folding procedure in absolutely safe because goal pivot on mats sealed at the rear and by the crossbar which is monoblock.
Fixed projection 2m50.
The pair

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