Mobiles mini-basketball goals fixed height
Ref. B3089

882,14  HT

IN CONFORMITY WITH EN1270 standard and recommended by FFBB.
Metallic construction, WHITE polyester powder coating
Mobile on new weighted frames, easy and safe to move thanks to 4 strengthened wheels Ø100mm with grey rubber that leave no skid-marks, including 2 pivoting with brakes.
US shape polyester backboard 1m11 x 0m77 x 20mm (B3155)
1 strengthened ring tarred at 300Kg (Ref B3186)
1 net White Nylon Ø 4,5mm (Ref B3124)
2 anchorages to seal and fixations
Fixed height 2m60. 0m60 projection.
Total height out of the ground 3m23.
The unit.

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