Handball competition goal
Ref. H4545

1686,17  HT

IN CONFORMITY WITH EN1270 and Sports Code.
Front frame 3m00 x 2m00 in aluminium square section 80mm in 3 parts with inner assembling angles in steel, ensuring a good rigidity.
With rear slider and new SPECIFIC net hooks screwed in a rear groove.
1 model of metallic rear cage.
Foldable and adjustable allowing the use with net said “suspended” inside, for the high competitions but also “straight” outside.
The cages are equipped with our depth adjustable fixation system
Combined with the distance of rear cages, our goals can be installed on almost all existing anchorages…
FIXATION with extension of the front face
With extension of the front face in ground sockets, allowing a safe fixation + anchorages of the sides to limit movements in use. Delivered with 4 ground sockets to seal + 4 anchorages + 4 fixation hooks with tightening wheel.
The pair.

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